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2015-06-15 Progressive International Onion Chopper Review Progressive International Onion Chopper Review


With Progressive International Onion Chopper, user can able to cut or chop onion easily. It is specially made to chop onion. For cutting onion, Progressive International Onion Chopper will be your best choice. This device is able to dice any onions quickly. You can simply close the lid for chopping your onions quickly. This device is specially designed to reduce onion vapors, so you can minimize tears immediately. The combination of its plastic material and stainless steel blade can help you chop any onions quickly. When you buy this chopper today, you can also get an additional cleaning tool easily.

Features of Progressive International Onion Chopper

  1. Dice onions in one swift motion by closing lid
  2. Reduces onion vapors to minimize tears
  3. Crafted of reinforced plastic with a stainless steel blade
  4. Measurements printed on the side of the non-skid container
  5. Comes apart for easy cleaning; dishwasher safe; includes cleaning tool
  6. Work smarter, not harder
  7. Just slice an onion in two, set half of the stainless-steel blade
  8. The quick chopping motion reduces onion vapors to minimize tears

Specification of Progressive International Onion Chopper

  1. Product Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 3 inches
  2. Weight: 2 pounds
  3. Stainless steel blades
  4. A non-skid container
  5. Measurements printed on the side
  6. A cleaning tool
  7. Quick chopping motion
  8. Easy cleaning in the dishwasher


  1. Easy to use and clean.
  2. Chopping motion reduces onion vapors to minimize tears


  1. Only can chop onions.

Onion-ChopperLet’s see what the real user says in the Amazon

“If you have to use a lot of pressure to force the vegetable through the blade, you’re pressing too hard.  ” L. Yunger

“Saves a lot of time, and tears, over chopping by hand. This is an awesome food processor  ” L. Masters

“I have been able to chop not only onions, but tomatoes, olives, carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, celery, so many things.  ” Mary T. McClellan

Read-more-at-AmazonSo what you think, buy it. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed after the buy. To buy this product amazon will be the best source around the internet. Because they are trustworthy and most honest sources. They won’t disappoint you. They even serve you after you purchase the product.

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