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2015-06-10 Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Review Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Review


A good blender is your best friend for mixing up healthy shakes or smoothies. I was super excited to get the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender (BL204) as a gift! Euro Pro’s newest drink mixer and food processor were a welcome surprise. Couldn’t wait to unpack it and consider what’s inside the box! Ninja Pulse is not ordinary blender, it’s a lot more!

N inja Pulse™ can do some food prep that you wouldn’t think of using a large blender. It’s much better at chopping than my small processor. For bread dough, it wouldn’t be my appliance choice – You usually make a larger loaf.  If you would like to experiment more with juicing. This ninja blender would be more practical for you than a large juicer.

N inja Pulse  is smaller than a regular size blender, but larger than a 2 or 3-cup food processor, its offer mid-range blending and processing. That’s a welcome appliance for those, who rarely have a need for a standard size blender. It’s also the perfect size to keep on the counter for daily use. The single-serve cups blend really well and are very useful accessories. But if you need  large preparation, you can choose Ninja Mega Kitchen System-BL770

N inja Kitchen System Pulse super power saver blender. It comes with 700 watts. It helps to live a healthy lifestyle. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse has ninja blade technology that can juice whole fruits, vegetable and knead dough.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Review

Features of Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204):

  1. 700 Watts of power
  2. Frozen Blending to create creamy smoothies
  3. Single Serve Blending.
  4. Knead fresh cookie, pizza and bread dough.
  5. Food Processing for consistent, even processed ingredients
  6. Controlled blending, processing, juicing, and kneading by using short pulses
  7. Ideal for mincing, blending, grating and so much more

Specification of Ninja Kitchen System Pulse:

  1. Height: 14.2 x 7.9 x 12.4 inches
  2. Weight: 9 pounds
  3. Bowl capacity: 40 ounce (Oz). That means 5 cups.
  4. Bowl is BPA Free and perfect for all kinds of kitchen.
  5. 2x single serve cup. Single serve cup capacity 16 oz.
  6. Cups are BPA free and come with travel lids.
  7. Dough hook and Dough paddle included.
  8. Power capacity: 700 watt
  9. Warranty period: 1 year



  1. It’s very powerful to make smoothies.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. All fruits and vegetables break perfectly.
  4. Easy to clean.
  5. Small unit, so it won’t take big space.


  1. You have to use small serve cup.
  2. For large quantity, it won’t work well.

Let’s see what the real users are saying about it on Amazon –

“This was perfect for me because I make a single smoothie for breakfast every morning.  ”  Reader

“Very easy to use and easy to clean.  ”  Eleanor Rigby

“I am amazed at how well and quickly the unit pulverizes ice and frozen fruit without any chunks.  ”  K. Phillips


What’s in the Box?

  1. Bowl
  2. Single Serve Cups
  3. Dough hook
  4. Dough paddle
  5. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse
  6. Setup Manual.
  7. Recipe book.


Ninja Kitchen System Pulse comes with 1 year warranty. For small kitchen work it will be your best choice. If the blender have any defect or cause any problem during use, Ninja will repair or replace for free and with free return shipping. If you face any problem, feel free to contact your local Ninja authorized service center and get your issue resolved.

Where to Buy?

Among many sources around the internet, you need to choose the best sources to buy your Ninja Mega Kitchen System. But you must have to consider the loyalty and trustworthiness of the source. Amazon is the best choice because it is the largest online shop in the world. They will give you the best service while buying Ninja Kitchen System Pulse ninja blender.

buynow-greenI think this review will assist you to decide which blender, you will choose for you. Don’t be hesitate, buy what is fit for you best. Buy Ninja Kitchen System Pulse and make your daily life into heaven.

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