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2015-06-15 Hamilton Beach Blender Reviews Hamilton Beach Blender Reviews


W hen we think Hamilton beach kitchen appliance, Hamilton beach blender are not the first device that comes to mind. In fact Hamilton beach coffee maker is one of the greatest food processors that graces virtually every hotel room and efficiency suit across the world. Whatever today we will discuss about Hamilton beach blender. Hamilton Beach is a well known home appliance, air purifier and commercial restaurant equipment brand in the world, founded in April 1910 by inventor Frederick J. Osius in Racine, Wisconsin.

H amilton Beach® Blenders are known worldwide for making smooth and delicious drinks and others task. Over the years, people have relied along the Hamilton Beach blender for perfect icy drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, and the innovation that this historic brand is renowned for.


W ith intelligent features like the patented Wave~Action® system, Hamilton Beach blenders offer you the performance that you desired for smooth drinks all time. For easy serving, try a dispensing blender,  it pours smooth refreshment right into your cup and the spout removes for easy cleaning. For this feature, somebody says the Hamilton beach is the best blender as their choice.

H amilton Beach Commercial represents a long tradition of kitchen product innovation, Hamilton Beach has over 100 years of industry-firsts under its belt in both the home and commercial markets around the world. One such innovation, the electric drink mixer, remains a staple of the food industry today. The Hamilton Beach’s commercial line includes quality drink mixers, blenders, juicers, toasters, coffee makers, stand mixers, and other specialty appliances.


Features & what you can do with this blender:

  • You can always cover ice with a liquid and process in small batches, using the highest speed available, and pulse until satisfied with the texture.
  • You Can chop dry ingredients in your blender. Always process in small batches and Pulse on and off (limiting run time) until mixture is at its desired texture.
  • You can blend rice and beans in the blender to make flour. We recommend that you set the quantity to 2 cups or less at a time.
  • These blenders come with a recipe book.
  • Container made of Styrene or glass.
  • Blender’s blade made of stainless steel.
  • The gasket of Hamilton beach blender is made of EPDM rubber. It is made from material approved for food by the Food & Drug Administration, and by the National Sanitary Foundation.
  • On  350W – 6, 7, 8  and 10 speed blenders there is approximately 500 RPM difference between each consecutive button, and about 2500 RPM difference  from LO to HI. On 450W – 10, 12, 14 and 16 speed blenders there are roughly 300 RPM between each consecutive button, and about 2500 RPM difference from LO to HI.

Read-more-at-AmazonWarranty Period:

Hamilton beach comes with three years amazing warranty from the date of original purchase. The product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. During the warranty period your exclusive remedy is repair or replacement of the product or any component found to be defected. This warranty does not cover does not glass, filters, wear from normal use, is not in conformity with the printed direction, or damaged to the product resulting from accident, alteration, abuse or misuse.

Types of Hamilton beach blender:

On the basis of capacity Hamilton beach made different types of blender. They have different models & has a different serving capacity of those blender. We have some recommendation  for you, these model is the best blender in Hamilton beach blender series. You can pick one as your requirement. If you think this blender is not fit for you, you can see our ninja blender or Vitamix blender review, that can help you to get the best one. You have another option is Cuisinart blender for alternative choice.


  • Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender
  • Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi Function Blender
  • Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender

Hamilton Beach Blender Overview (Video Presentation)

Where is the best place to pick one?

You can pick Hamilton beach blender from various sources, but you need to consider some point such as trusted store, cheap price, reputed vendor and delivery system before buy. If you ask me, what is my preference to buy this product. I would say, Amazon is the best place to buy anything. I can bet, amazon is a trusted place for online shopping system and you can ensure their inventory level. Also, they have a 30 day return policy, fast delivery system-but I’ll leave that option up to you.

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