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2015-06-15 Cuisinart Blender Review Cuisinart Blender Review


Cuisinart is an American home appliance manufacturer owned by Conair Corporation. The company was started by Carl Sontheimer in 1971 to bring the food processor to the American market. In 1986 Cuisinart expanded their product and introduced various types of  kitchen appliance like a blender, chopper, grinder, juicer etc. But they are famous for handheld blender. Cuisinart says their handheld blender called the Smart Stick does at least three appliances task like blender, hand mixer, and food processors. Cuisinart produces several types of blender that comes with an unusual but very useful set of features and function. This Blender is an fantastic blender for making smoothies and grinding coffee beans, also chopping onions. Some Cuisinart blender comes with a jar that is equally easy to use for left- or right-handed people. The smooth electronic control pad of some Cuisinart blender has pre-programmed settings for items you’re most likely to blend, like smoothies and soups, as well as one for ice crushing. Also, small number of speed selections simplify use, although you do have to press “On Button” before making a selection. All of the blender is dishwasher-safe.

Read-more-at-AmazonPerformance, Features and what can you do with the Cuisinart blender:

A Blender that can cook:

Some Cuisinart Blender has an excellent features like cooking system. Really it is very uncommon and unique arrangement. Some blender can cook soup! You can easily add your ingredients, simmer and even boil soups very easily in the Cuisinart SBC-1000 before blending them to the ideal consistency. I don’t think I’ve ever come across and easier way to make homemade soup so quickly, this is an excellent feature. For this feature, some customers said this is the best blender.

Outstanding Power and Versatility:

The Cuisinart blender isn’t just a soup maker, it’s the real deal as well. It is not only can you blend and cook soup, but with the powerful motor of this blender is also perfect for tasks such as blending smoothies, crushing ice, grinding spices and even whipping cream.

Easy Control Buttons:

You find several buttons on the base which makes incredibly easy to control various settings with the click of a button. You will get high, medium and low temperature settings which can be modified at any time during the cooking cycle. You can also switch off the heater with one click of a button. It has also countdown timer button, Select up to 30 minutes in 1-minute increments, not only this but you can choose what you want the timer to count upwards or downwards. Stir Button sets the blender gently, stirring ingredients as they cook and of course can be turned on or off at any time during the cooking cycle. A common, but very effective feature on Cuisinart products these non-slip feet will help to prevent the blender from working it’s a way around your counter-top as it operates. Cuisinart Blender has blending control. You find quite a selection here, with a choice of speeds from 1 to 4 or a pulse setting. These speed settings are very flexible and allow you to easily blend your ingredients to the perfect desired consistency.


Types of Cuisinart Blender:

In my view, I suggest some Cuisinart blender as follows, only pick one as you desired.

  • Cuisinart hand blender
  • Cuisinart immersion blender
  • Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart stick  Immersion Hand Blender
  • Cuisinart CPB-300 Smart-power 15-Piece Compact Portable Blending
  • Cuisinart HB-154PC Smart Stick Hand Blender With Whisk & Chopper


It comes with three year warranty but you can choose to buy from Amazon then you’re also protected by their fantastic customer service who will replace any faulty products should you happen to get them as quick as is possible!

Best Place to Buy Cuisinart Blender:

Without any question Amazon is the best marketplace to purchase anything. Their truly fantastic customer service combined with their cheap shipping deals and frequent discount prices they just can’t be beat.

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