By Admin – June 15, 2015 With Progressive International Onion Chopper, user can able to cut or chop onion easily. It is specially made to chop onion. For cutting onion, Progressive International Onion Chopper will be your best choice. This device is able to dice any onions quickly. You can simply close the lid for chopping your onions quickly. This device is specially designed to reduce onion vapors, so you can minimize tears immediately. The combination of its plastic material and stainless steel blade can help you chop any onions quickly. When you buy this chopper today, you can also get an additional cleaning tool easily. Features of Progressive International Onion Chopper Dice onions in one swift motion by closing lid Reduces onion vapors to minimize tears Crafted of reinforced plastic with a stainless steel blade Measurements printed on the side of the non-skid container Comes apart for easy cleaning; dishwasher safe; includes cleaning tool Work … 0 Progressive-International-GPC-4000-Chopper CHOPPER PROGRESSIVE INTERNATIONAL

By Admin – June 15, 2015 Progressive International established in 1973 is your source for the broadest range of functional, inventive, and fun kitchen tools and great ideas put into practice. It’s coming up with ways to improve on a variety of traditional tasks and tools for your kitchen. One of their food processing products called chopper named GPC-4000 is the best fruit and vegetable chopper. It can crush nuts, chop fruits, vegetables, chocolate, etc. Built-in side blade gives it the power to cope more easily. Definitely, it’s one of the best products of the Progressive International. Features of Progressive International GPC-4000 Fruit and Vegetable Chopper One handed food chopper. Best for chopping nuts, fruits, vegetables, chocolate and more. Dice, slice and chop fruits and veggies without the mess of a cutting board. Press down on pusher lid and food is cut into included measuring container. Built-in side blade which minimizes the need for pre cutting. … 0 Black-&-Decker-HC306-One-Touch-Electric-Chopper BLACK & DECKER CHOPPER CHOPPER

By Admin – June 15, 2015 Choppers are a kitchen equipment called food processor that is used for chopping, cutting any nuts, spices and vegetables. Chopper is an ideal machine for any household that can save time, also it makes easy chopping and cutting. Black & Decker are a prominent brand in the world in kitchen appliance product. Black & Decker HC306 is the best chopper in the Black & Decker family. It runs by 70 watts motor and chop all item more easily. Features of Black & Decker HC306 1-1/2-Cup One-Touch Electric Chopper 70-watt food chopper for chopping, mincing, dicing, and more Stay-sharp bi-level curved blade ensures precision cutting Safety-lock lid for secure operation Dishwasher-safe bowl, blade, and lid Easy to hold and control Easy to clean and chops quickly Right size and capacity Specification of Black & Decker HC306 1-1/2-Cup One-Touch Electric Chopper Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.7 x 5.5 inches Weight: 2 pounds … 0 Black-&-Decker-EHC650B-Ergo-3-Cup-Food-Chopper BLACK & DECKER CHOPPER CHOPPER

By Admin – June 13, 2015 B lack & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food Chopper is one of the best choppers of Black and Decker group. It has 3 cup food chopping system. That’s why it can able to do more chopping work. You will get sometimes for your own and it made your life and your meals a little easier and healthier. It chops well, without mashing the food. It’s super efficient, especially in the pulse mode. Great on anything you have use it so far. Garlic, onion, seeds, nuts, salad dressing, you name it. Does a great job. It’s also really easy to clean & one of the best food processor. Features of Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food Chopper 3-cup capacity with a stay-sharp blade Make salsa in seconds 150 watts of power with high and low pulse button control Ergonomic grip provides easy use while the safety locking lid offers added … 0